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April 9, 2006

Dear Friends,

This week we got a wonderful invitation from our friend Nancy, who is President of http://www.centralparkpaws.org/ , the people that bring us the annual My Dog Loves Central Park Country Fair.  Macy's and the New York Parks Department throw a Pet Party every year for pet owners.  Despite the fact that we have been a member of that exalted group for seven years now, this is the first we have heard of it!  The party was in Herald Square, right outside Macy's, and is held every year on Palm Sunday from 10AM-2PM.  It also coincides with the first day of Macy's Flower Show, which is always spectacular.  The first floor of the store, with the exception of the men's department,  is completely covered in fresh flowers.  There is an exotic flower garden with orchids and other tropicals, a desert with blooming cacti, and always a garden feature, like a fountain or wishing well.  The flower show lasts one week and is a "must see" if you are in New York at this time of year.  But I digress!!!

Here's the invite!!

Macy's Petacular

Sunday, Apr 09, 2006
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

From 34th to 36th St. Broadway will be closed to traffic and will be host to various activities for animal lovers and famillies.Pets on Parade: Springtime Fashion competition for Pets, celebrity pet appearances, Petacular Dance-a-bration (The Chicken Dance, Bunny Hop, Alley Cat); Cast members from 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee; Clifford the Big Red Dog, Mother Goose, Peter Rabbit, Maya & Miguel, Maisy the Mouse; An Art Spot coloring area for kids, strolling street performers, clowns, face painting, creature caricatures, and a 32' tall balloon of Roland the Rabbit.

You could see the wiener dog balloon from blocks away!

Here's Fog with the Easter Bunny!!


The star shaped balloons that say "Macy's" appear at every Macy's event.  This is the stage where the costume contest was held.  There was a dog category, a cat category (I won't go for the obvious pun there) and featured creatures, which included a hamster, a frog and a turtle.  Those pets were carried by their owners- thank goodness, the turtle would have taken forever to present his costume on the runway (yuk yuk!!)

We arrived too late for the costume contest, but this guy was our favorite- he was a lifeguard!  See the mermaid on his port side, and the inflatable life saver and palm tree on his aft side?  He is also wearing Doggles to protect his eyes.  Every time we see Doggles we think of our friend Hairy who wore Doggles.  We miss you, Hairy.

This shy girl was an orchid in honor of the Flower Show- she was a beauty.  

We met alot of wonderful people, and talked to a few about Weim Rescue, and distribute a few of Fog's rescue cards, which need updating.  You will notice that they don't have his website on them!!!

Macy's really knows how to put on a party.  They even had stilt walkers in costume- they were great- check out the parrot.  There was also a zebra.

We walked home through Times Square, hoping to spot the Naked Cowboy, http://www.nakedcowboy.com/index.html and to get our picture taken with him, but the temperature was only 54 degrees, not warm enough to strum your guitar in your tighty whities, I guess!  Fog may be the Naked Cowboy for Halloween next year.  

We were happy to come across the Big Apple, though, and settled for having our picture taken with him.  When we first approached the Big Apple, I didn't recognize him as such.  He truly looked more like a Big Strawberry to me.  My reasoning is that if he was going to be a Big Apple, he needed to be Bigger.  We had just met a 10 foot parrot after all!!  I admit that I have mistaken icons in the past.  Several years ago when I attended a Mets baseball game, I mistook the Mets Home Run Apple                       

for a large piece of toast.  You can understand my confusion.

The Big Apple adored Fog, and was very charming to us.  The most amusing thing about The Apple was that he had a VERY heavy Kentucky twang!!  "Yew shore are a hanesome dawg!!" he said. 

XO Gail & Fog