Fog's Secret Weim Pal sends a gift box for Mother's Day

A beautiful gift box from Fog's secret Weim Pal Paula and her Weims, Lexie, Jackson and Max, arrived on Monday.  Who doesn't love a package?  Getting the mail is the highlight of our day!! And this box was just splendid!!!  I tried to carry our special box along with 2 heavy boxes for Aline, and I had Shugg and Fog with me, too.  The box was too much for Fog to resist while we were in the elevator, so Fog took it from me and trotted down the hall ahead of me, carrying it by the corner.  It is amazing how strong he is!!

I made him WAIT while I got the camera, so I could take some pictures of him with that wide smile that I love- That is my favorite expression of his.  You can see where Fog wanted to open the box all on his own!!  And no wonder, because Paula chose so many things for us that were so perfect!!  Our gifts were carefully wrapped in packing materials, inside a beautiful Weimaraner gift bag!  Paula, I don't know where you found this, but it is so pretty!!  I didn't get a photo of it yet, and my camera batteries need charging, but I will add the photo of that later.  I want everyone to see it.  Everything arrived with out a cookie crumbled!!  And Fog's nose told me that there were plenty of cookies!!  There was a box of Claudia's Canine Cuisine Gourmet cookies that look exactly like people cookies- the ones that you make with a cookie press- so cute, and decorated with sprinkles, two packages of Freeze dried vanilla Ice Cream- Fog got a package of that in his box and was delighted to see it- he gets to experience so much variety in treats this way!!  And Paula chose Luv'a Bones World's Finest Gourmet Dog Biscuits- Roasted Turkey w Sweet Potato flavor- the photo on the box is of a  plate of  Thanksgiving dinner-(turkey is Fog's absolute favorite!!! Fog was also delighted to see that there was a Kong Ball for him!!  The safest ball in the world - no danger of a tennisballectomy  with a big red Kong ball!!  Paula, I laughed the instant I saw it because I knew you were thinking of his safety!!       

And I can't wait to see him play with his new squeaky doughnut!!  It is so realistic!!   I will have to train him NOT to chew, as I was trying to do with his stuffies.  Left to on his own, Fog will tear that chocolate doughnut to bits, and it is too cute to be destroyed!!  Doesn't it look delicious?  That will make for some very comical pictures! 

I also was showered with gifts!!  I got a very pretty Mother's Day Card-my first ever!!  Paula also gave me a sculpture of a Weim puppy, the sculpture is identical to the one on the card- the color in real life is more grey-it was made by the artist "Sally's Bits of Clay".  I have heard of her work before, and this piece certainly is very cute!!  She gets the proportions just right!  We also got a picture frame with Weims posed all around it- I will be choosing a special photo for it, I think I'd like to put an "action" shot of Fog in it!

Dux Tomy MicroPet

And Paula got me a dog that will OBEY ME!!!!  This will be a totally  novel experience!!  LOL!!  He is a TOMY MicroPet!!  He is battery operated and responds to 18 individual voice commands !!!!  He also has 3 different personality moods!  These are popular toys in Japan, and I can see why- he is almost as ingenious as a real Weim, and cute as can be!!  Paula, these gifts are so sweet, just like you are, and Fog and I will enjoy them all!!  Thank you so much for choosing such delightful presents for us- you outdid yourself!!

XO Gail & Fog

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