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Some Important Information from our friend and advisor, Hal.


Rimadyl & Deramaxx can have serious side effects. Both are pain medications that were given to dogs with long-term joint pain/hip dysplasia, but now may be Rx'd for any surgery, even a simple spay or neuter.  These drugs can cause, without warning, liver & kidney damage or intestinal bleeding.  In extreme reactions, they can cause death.  I think for spay/neuter, some discomfort is okay- it will prevent the dog from overdoing right after surgery.   







"Blue Powder Ear Treatment"


16 Oz. Isopropyl alcohol
4 Tablespoons boric acid powder
16 drops gentian violet solution

Mix together in alcohol bottle and shake well.  You will also need to shake
solution every time you use it to disperse the boric acid powder.
To use, purchase the "Clairol" type plastic bottle to dispense solution to
affected ears.


Evaluate condition of ears before treating, and if very inflamed, do not attempt to pull hair or clean out ear at all.  Wait until inflammation has subsided which will be about 2 days.

Shake the bottle each time before using.  Flood the ear with solution
(gently squirt bottle), massage gently to the count of 60, wipe with a
tissue. Flood again on first treatment, wipe with a tissue, and leave alone without
massage.  The dog will shake out the excess, which can be wiped with a
tissue. The gentian violet does stain fabrics, so do this outdoors!


Treat 2x per day for the first one to two weeks, depending upon severity of ears.
Treat 1x per day for the next 1-2 weeks.
Treat 1x per month, or even less frequently, depending on the dog.

All of these ingredients should be available at a pharmacy.  Despite the alcohol, the dog will not object to even the first treatment.  The boric acid soothes the ear.  The gentian violet solution is an ant-infection agent.

The solution appears to work well on any and all ear problems from mites to wax to canker.  After the 2nd or 3rd day you can clean out the ear with a Q-tip or cotton balls.  The success rate for this treatment is 95-99%. Those who do not succeed have usually not done the treatment long enough or have not been regular about it. Dogs on the verge of ear canal surgery have been returned to normal with only the regular follow-up treatment to keep the ear healthy.

If an infection seems to be remaining in the treated ear after the above course of treatment, you may also have some Pseudomonas bacteria in the site.  This can be eradicated by using a gentle flush of raw apple cider vinegar and water (warm).  Use 2 Tablespoons of vinegar to one cup of water, 2 x per week.

The Blue Power Solution to be effective for treating fungus-type infections on the feet and elsewhere on the dog, for cuts on dogs or people, and for hot spots.  You may find other uses for this simple anti-infective agent.  Remember, it is for external use only and be careful not to get into the eyes.



Healthy Powder Recipe:
2 cups nutritional yeast
1/2 cup wheat germ (raw, refrigerated)
1/3 cup lecithin granules (refrigerated)
1/3 cup alfalfa powder (green not dull brown)
1/4 cup kelp (Icelandic)
3000 mg vitamin C/bioflavanoid
3 - 50mg zinc capsules opened
6 - 100mcg selenium capsules opened
6 - 200mcg chromium capsules opened

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