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Canine Heros in WTC  

Fog is acting strangely  

Gail & Fog’s fashion Encounter  

Fog says, “Moo!”  

Fog welcomes a Westminster dog in his own special way  

Oh no not the White Skirt  

Crispy Crème- Fog makes a new friend  

Fog the Runaway Freight Train  




Dear Friends,

We are safe here in New York, and grateful for all our Weim friends who are looking out for us.  We work at home and are several miles away from the WTC- it takes about 1/2 hour to get there by subway.  We don't have any of the white dust up my way, but you can smell a trace of an acrid smell in the air. 

We are shocked and devastated as I'm sure all of you are.  The response from the emergency services people, firefighters and police has been remarkable.  They are so brave and hardworking.  There seem to be very few police around-Midtown North station is on the next block, and it seems deserted.  Streets around the police precinct and around all the hospitals are blocked off either with garbage trucks or with human chains of volunteers- the hospitals
have been overwhelmed with people responding to requests to donate blood- we were turned away by 2 hospitals before we went home.  We were asked to come back later tonight.     THE NEED FOR BLOOD DONATIONS IS URGENT- SO IF ANYONE CAN DONATE, PLEASE DO!!!  TYPE O, THE UNIVERSAL DONOR, IS ESPECIALLY REQUESTED.

The atmosphere here is very serious- many are waiting to hear about friends and family.  The death toll will surely be in the thousands.  I've gotten phone calls today from as far away as Australia from friends checking to see if we are okay.  Not all of the subway lines are in operation, so I'm expecting that many friends will not be able to get home tonight.  I have one friend that has a whole sewing factory of ladies that may be spending the night with us, so I have been preparing for them- doing a little cleaning and laying out linens for them.  Kim is right, I work at home, so I have been informing my clients by phone as to what is going on.  People have been released from their jobs early- but they can't get home so they are walking the streets going from hospital to hospital to donate blood

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Subject: Canine Heros in WTC


Dear Friends,

As the search and rescue continues, we here in the city are trying to figure out what to do to help.  Dry men's clothes are being collected at Roosevelt Hospital, 2 blocks from Central Park and our apartment.  The firefighters who have been working so hard are drenched with water and need dry clothes to change into.  There has also been some difficulty in persuading the firefighters and rescue workers to stop and rest- they are so determined to find as many people as possible they don't want to take a break, even though they are exhausted...... 

The wind changed last night and we could smell a strange electrical burning smell in the air. 

Yesterday morning everyone in the park was asking about Sadie the dog and her human Mom- you will all remember her as the sweet young woman who's elastic shorts were pulled down to her knees by a drive-by standard poodle.  We have been reassured that although she lived near the WTC, she did not work there and is most likely safe.

My phone has rung none stop with concerned people- some calling from as far away as England and Germany.  I have even received an email from a man in Germany that I bought a watch from on Ebay- expressing his grief and sympathy- it was he whose dog had cancer and some of you contributed information that was helpful to him.

And this morning I received the following email from another friend that lives here in NYC

Hi Gail- I came back to work today and found your message here- I am
very glad to hear that you and Fog are OK. I have been working down
in the triage centers for the last two days as a volunteer (like so
many others)  I have been doing everything but sorting donated
supplies to escorting people searching for their family members (this
is a hard one) to working in a grief counseling area with the
firefighters who have been coming in all night covered with the dust
and in an indescribable state of anguish. It is truly a war zone. I
didn't watch much on TV, didn't have time. Hope that when this
settles down a bit (as I know it will) we can have a visit or some
Last night I found out from a national guardsman that 6 or 7 dogs
that were taken in to help in search and rescue were lost. Best not
to tell Fog.
New York City is my hero...


Thanks to you all for your love and support

XO Gail & Fog

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Subject: Fog is acting strangely


Dear Friends,

Last night Fog stated behaving strangely.  He is usually a very lively, happy-go- lucky carefree kind of Weim.  The goofy type, as you all know.  Last night he wouldn't come to bed.  Sometimes he is stubborn about this, so I just went without him and left him in the living room.  He woke me up at about 2 am, he had brought his new Kong to bed and was furiously chewing on it.  I talked to him awhile, and petted him, trying to reassure him, but he continued to chew and chew.  I finally fell asleep.  When I woke up this morning, i found that he had tipped over the garbage in my tiny office area- there is no food in it.  He pulled all the papers out of it.  He has never done this before.  If was cold and raining this morning, so we didn't go to the Park, we put on our rain gear and went for a morning walk.  He peed but didn't poop.  Fog is normally famous for being a real poop factory.  He ate his breakfast as usual, and has continued to chew on his ball. 

I have been keeping him on his normal schedule of walks, playing and feeding, and I have been trying to act "normally" myself.  This morning I ran into a friend from the Park and she said that all the dogs in the Park were fighting with each other this morning- these are dogs that see each other and play together every day.  She said they were all very disturbed.

We did have an abrupt change of weather overnight, weather had been beautiful, and suddenly it turned cold and raining (terrible for rescue effort and worse for anyone struggling to survive).  But I can't help but think that this behavior is a response to the WTC tragedy.  Anyone have any thoughts on how I should comfort Fog?  I have given him Rescue Remedy in the past when he was going to fly, but it had no effect on him.

Thank you as always for all your help and support.

XO Gail & Fog

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Subject: Gail & Fog’s fashion Encounter


Dear Friends,

The morning of Daylight Savings Time was a cold one here.  Fog and I got up at 6 to go to the Park, and put on our matching sweatshirts.  They are navy blue, with thin white horizontal stripes.  Ralph Lauren made mine. I made Fog's.  They both have long sleeves.  Mine has a crew neck, and Fog's has a turtleneck with an exposed nylon zipper up the back-very sporty

We were walking down the street together in our stripes, Fog's stripes are a little narrower than mine, but we are defiantly a matched set, thinking that we looked rather chic, in linear sort of way.  Two men approached us, and we strutted past them, thinking about how smart we looked, and enjoying the thought.. 

We heard one man say to the other,

"That was pretty strange."

Our fashion feelings were a bit wounded, but we know that sometimes the chic are mocked.

XO Gail & Fog
     you DON'T mean they were talking about US?

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Subject: Fog says, “Moo!”


Dear Friends,

Last week the computer store two blocks away from us had a special promotional party (For the new Windows system, I think?)  This is the store that ahs the cow print as a logo.  As part of the promotion, they had search lights, built a corral of split rail fencing outside the store on the sidewalk, had huge bales of hay and loose hay strewn around inside the corral.  I took Fog out for a walk that night, and we went over to see what was happening.

Well, they had the BIGGEST live spotted cow you've ever seen!  Fog thought that it was just great!!!  He was very good to the cow, he didn't bark at her, but he was sooo curious, he would have been so happy to get close enough to put his nose on her.  He had to settle for standing on his hind legs with his front feet on the fencing, craning his neck as hard a he could to sniff up all those new exciting smells.  Of course everyone there wanted to pet him and ask about him, too, so he got a lot of attention from the crowd.

Fog's foster mom had horses and would go horseback riding with her dh and their dogs, and of course while Fog was with their family he got to go along too, But I don't know if they had cows too.  I will have to email her and find out.  If so, seeing the cow probably brought back some happy memories of his foster family.

XO Gail & Fog 

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Subject: Fog welcomes a Westminster dog in his own special way


Dear Friends,

This morning we were in Central Park playing with Fog's friends.  It was a very mild weather and there were about 15 dogs running around playing together on the lawn behind Wollman Ice skating rink, It’s a nice group of people and all the dogs are well socialized.  Anyone who misbehaves or gets too rowdy gets collared immediately and put into a time out.  (I have never been in time out.)

In the distance I saw a woman approaching.  She had a large dog, I don't know the breed, but he looked like a Collie, except black and white.  This dog had the shiniest coat you have ever seen.  The black fur was inky black and his white chest was brilliant white.  He had very long hair, and not a one was out of place.  This dog was better groomed on a Sunday morning at 8 AM than I have EVER been in my life.  From a mile away you could tell that this dog was visiting for Westminster.  The owner was a woman wearing an impeccable black wool coat that had never seen a speck of lint.  She was practically carrying the dog's leash with her pinky finger raised.  Well the woman must have been daydreaming, or not very experienced with a group of dogs playing, or who knows what, but instead of continuing along the paved walkway, she paraded herself and her immaculate dog onto the muddy grass field where
all the canine delinquents were at play.

Anyone who knows Fog already knows what happened next.

ALL the dogs came running over to meet the elegant newcomer, but Fog is the fastest and he was the closest, so he got there first.  Fog was smartly attired in his handknit oatmeal cotton sweater, which was covered in mud and many crunchy dead brown leaves.  Many many crunchy dead leaves.

Fog decided that the most enthusiastic way to greet Show Dog was to HUMP HIM!!!!!!!!!!! 

Well you can imagine the bedlam that ensued.  Show Dog's owner started screaming instantly.  She was HORRIFIED!!  I grabbed Fog after the second ........ummm,  what would you call it?      No harm was done of course, but Show Dog's owner continued hollering that our dogs were supposed to be on their leashes, etc and before you knew it there were barking dogs, jumping puppies,  and shouting owners  waving their arms everywhere.  What a ruckus!!!  Fog
and I thought the whole business was a tempest in a teapot. 

But a funny teapot.

XO Gail & Fog

Disclaimer:  The description of Show Dog and his snobby owner are in no way intended to generalize about or demean those who are or show dogs at Westminster or any other venue. Some of our best friends are show dogs.

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Subject: Oh no not the White Skirt

May 26, 2002

Dear Friends,

I took Fog to the Lake for a little fun in the water this weekend.  There were at least a dozen doggies running and playing in and out of the water along the muddy shoreline.  There was a lot of slipping and sliding, and being that Fog moves pretty fast, but is a big guy, he sometimes slides out of control and ends up covered in mud.  Everyone was having a wonderful time getting wet and dirty.  People out for a walk would stop to watch the fun and
then more on after a bit.  Well, just as things were getting really wild, a lovely Japanese tourist couple came along, and stopped to watch the antics.  They dress more formally than we do, and this couple was dressed typically of the Japanese visitors we have met.  The man was wearing a very nice shirt with  a collar, and dress trousers and hard shoes.  The young woman was wearing a white feminine blouse with a little lace trim, a white skirt with a
layer of white chiffon over it, white stockings and ivory high heeled shoes. 

Robin took one look at them and shouted, "OH NO, The White Skirt! The White Skirt!"  She was trying to warn them!  Well, they didn't speak English, so they just smiled and bowed a little, and it was too late anyway, because in seconds they were surrounding by wiggling wet muddy pooches chasing each other in a frenzy, with Fog in the lead of course, ears, legs and tail flying. 

The couple stood in the middle of the Mud Tornado, smiling, enjoying the fun, oblivious to the danger that the White Skirt was in.  By some miracle, they both remained impeccable despite the splashing and jumping and shaking, and then they moved on, waving goodbye.

Just how do they do that?

XO Gail & Fog

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Subject: Crispy Crème- Fog makes a new friend


Dear Friends,

The other day I took Fog to the grocery with me- The front of the grocery is all glass windows and I can tie him outside the door and see him from inside and he can see me- the employees know him and watch him, too. 

 As I was exiting the store, I came upon Fog, who was sitting happily in front of a very very overweight young man.  Fog was licking his lips and smiling ear to ear.  The young man was as wide as he was tall.  I said to him,  "Did you feed my dog?" and he answered, very sheepishly, "Well I only gave him ONE doughnut!" 

XO Gail & Fog

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Subject: Fog the Runaway Freight Train


Dear Friends,

Day before yesterday Fog was playing with some of his friends on the grassy field behind Wollman Skating Rink.  He was doing his best to get someone to chase him.  Leopold the 10 mo old Blue Weim was there, and Elliot the Boxer/PitBull mix.  Elliot decided he was in the mood for a good run, and he started to chase Fog.  Elliot is a beautiful dog, he is black and white and has that boxer body shape, and he looks like he is wearing a tuxedo because he has
a black body and white chest and tummy.

Well pretty soon they were dashing all around the lawn, in big circles, and Elliot was very very fast.  .  O f course Fog has to look over his shoulder to make sure that Elliot is still chasing him.  He never wants the other dog to lose interest, and if the other dog is falling too far behind Fog will slow down so that he can catch up.  Elliot had no trouble keeping up with Fog; in fact, they were running neck and neck, full speed ahead.  They came barreling down hill, charging ahead directly towards Leopold's Daddy, Christophe!!

Well there was no time for Christophe to save himself, it was going to be a head on collision, and the rest of us were sure that Christophe was going to get knocked straight into next week.  Then the most amazing thing happened........

As Fog and Elliot came thundering down on Christophe like a runaway freight train, Christophe jumped STRAIGHT UP INTO THE AIR. and the 2 dogs ran UNDERNEATH HIS FEET while he was airborne.  The dogs clipped Christophe’s ankles as he was descending, which threw him forward.  He landed on his hands and toes in the "push-up” position, poised like a professional acrobat!!!!  It was astounding!!!!  He got right up and brushed the soil off his hands, laughing.  NO one could believe it, I told him that looked like a soccer move.  Christophe is a young man, lean and athletic build, but it was his quick thinking that saved him!  If there were an Olympic event for Weim Jumping, he would have gotten the Gold Medal!

XO Gail & Fog

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