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Fog says, "I DIDN'T DO IT!"

Fog Tries a New Hobby

Fog in the hospital- everything okay!

Update on Fog in the Hospital -Monday 9/16


Mummers is sad :*** ( Fog is back in the hospital 9/19/02

Fog not doing so well 9/21/02



Subject: I've Got Her Under My Paw

Date: 8/14/02 

Today Fog was SO bad I could have strangled him. I started the day in a bad mood because I knew I was going to be doing some work that I was dreading. I have to make a pattern for a top, the fabric will be beaded lace. The designer wanted to see the prototype in beaded lace, which is unusual. Typically I would use regular lace and the designer would imagine what it would look like with beads on it. The fabric is so heavily beaded, I can't sew over it with the sewing machine without breaking the needle or the thread or both, so I have to put on a mask and protective glasses and break the glass beads that are in the way of the machine foot with a big hammer. Bits of glass go flying everywhere, and there is glass dust everywhere- very unpleasant. So this is what I was thinking about when Fog and I went into the park.

We got across the park drive without incident, but the minute Fog got off his leash he a made a beeline for the one guy sleeping on the grass. He dashed over to him, and stole the paper bag he had next to him, ripped it open in one smooth motion, and scarfed down the sandwich that was inside, in the blink of an eye. Then he trotted off swinging his tail.

A little further along, I snatched him just as he was thinking about jumping the fence around the flowerbed surrounding the carousel in the Park. As soon as I let him go, he ran off and tossed himself down in the dirt and started wiggling on his back. He had found a dead dried up squirrel to roll in. Geesh!! Now he would need a bath, and I had to work on the beaded top and get it done by noon. I was hoping his smell would be tolerable if I just temporarily sponged him off until the top was done.

Well, around the next corner and headed for home, off he went, and then more rolling gin the tall grass- When he came back the stench was nauseating!! He had found a fresh squishy dead squirrel to roll around on-He was all streaked with it-GROSS!!!! I was so mad at him!! Today of all days, when I had so much to do!

I brought him home and put him in the tub to give him a nice super sudsy peppermint bath. But you know, I just can't stay mad at him!!. No matter how much he stinks!! He was so sweet and good, and came along for his bath, even though he just had one on Saturday and I'm sure he doesn't' know what he did to deserve another one. I really like bathing him, It's so relaxing. to suds him up, and hold his nose up when I rinse his face. He looks so cute, and helpless, all soaking wet and anxious, with his ears back. Sigh!! I guess he's got me right under that Big Foot looking paw.

Okay, what does YOUR Weim do to pull at those heartstrings??

XO Gail & Fog

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Subject: Fog's New Bed

Date: 8/30/02 

HI Everyone,

Our friends Robin and Shugg the Poodle closed on her apartment, so they stayed their very last night in our apartment with us. Normally I would have put them in the bedroom and Fog and I on the sofabed in the livingroom, but the air conditioner in the livingroom has been very temperamental lately, so I set up the foldup twin cot with the featherbed on it in the bedroom for Fog and me, and we all stayed in there where the AC works.

Well, you'd think that the Poodles would want to sleep in the double bed with Robin, at least ONE of them, but both of them insisted on sleeping in the little cot with me!!!

The following day I was so busy I didn't get around to folding up the twin bed, and Fog has decided that it is his. For the first night in 3 years he slept by himself- on that twin bed!!! He LOVES it. He stretches out on it, puts his head on the pillow, at other times during the day I find him there curled up at the top of the bed, next to the pillow. He has also buried a tennis ball and a pressed rawhide bone there. His customary place for burying things is UNDER MY BUTT!! (Very embarrassing)

So if you want to make your Weim very happy, toss out the crate and bedding and buy them their very own twin bed and featherbed!! Now i will be the Meanie when I take it down, won't I?

XO Gail & Fog


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Subject: Fog says, "I DIDN'T DO IT!"

Date: 9/1/02

Dear Friends,

Last week after Fog and I came in from playing in the park, he lay down on the wood floor in the hallway. I have a family quilt hanging on that wall. I looked over at him and noticed that there where white chips of something next to him on the floor. To my amazement, it was chunks of plaster. I live in a building that was built in 1940, but I hardly expect the plaster to be falling down. I looked up at the ceiling and didn't see anything, and something made me lift the quilt and look at the wall under it. To my astonishment, I saw a HUGE hole knocked in the plaster, the size of a LARGE dinner plate! The drywall underneath was cracked also. Most of the plaster had fallen back into the space between the remaining plaster and the drywall. I couldn't BELIEVE it!! The hole was at about Fog's shoulder height. You can imagine what was going thru my mind! Did he get bored one day when I was out and start chewing on the wall? Did one of his balls bounce into the wall and knock out the plaster? Has he been digging in the wall? Did he try to bury something in the wall?

I looked at Fog and pointed at the gaping hole and said, "Fog, did you do that?" Well, of course he gave me that round-eyed innocent look. I couldn't tell if he was faking. But he didn't look guilty. Hmmmmmmmm...................

Well, I was so upset about the wall that I went and got my super to look at it. He tells me that the drywall and the plaster both will need to be redone. Then I asked the Question.............did Fog do it????? My super started to laugh!! No, he said, this is the result of old water damage from a leak in the building long before my time- he showed me how the entire wall was bowed out- like the plaster had formed a blister. Several feet in all directions need to be replaced. "Fog didn't do this!" he said, "He is a good dog!"

Now I feel so ashamed that I blamed him!

XO Gail & Fog the Innocent


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Subject: Fog Tries a New Hobby

Date: 9/5/02 

Dear Friends,

I had my small portable sewing machine set up on the dining table for the past few days. I usually use my big industrial machine for work, but I needed to use the small one because it will do zigzag stitch.

This morning when we came home from the park, I fed Fog and sat down at the dining table, pushing the sewing machine aside, to eat my breakfast and have a quick look at the neighborhood paper. While I was reading , I noticed that the table seemed to be vibrating. Well, I couldn't figure out what was causing that, but who knows, they are constantly tearing up the street outside, so I figured it was a vibration from that. Or a minor earthquake. So I went back to reading (See how blasť I have gotten? an earthquake doesn't even distract me!)

A minute or two later, I heard a humming, and I saw the needle on the sewing machine moving up and down. Over and over. Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down. Now don't THAT beat all??? Just as I was thinking that I had a poltergeist, I looked under the table, and there was Fog, the object of my affection, laying with his boxy head on the floor between his giant front paws, elbow on the foot control of the sewing machine, making it stitch along methodically!!! LOL!!!! Now if only I could teach him to use a scissor!!!! But it's that opposable thumb thing that defeats us every time!!

XO Gail & Fog the tailor

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Subject: Fog in the hospital- everything okay!

Date: 9/14/02 

Dear Friends,

Fog got up yesterday morning at 4 am making that "Ack, ack, ack!" noise, trying to throw up. He threw up something wrapped in plastic wrap that he must have snagged out of the ivy patch during one of our walks. I expected him to settle down and go back to sleep, but for the rest of the day he continued to "Ack, ack, ack!" and was only able to cough up a little yellow bile each time. Poor boy was exhausted, as this was happening about every half hour all day long. The most disturbing thing was that he refused to eat. For Fog this is downright SHOCKING. His potty habits were normal, but he was walking very slowly and laying down very gently, but couldn't seem to get comfortable. By late afternoon I had called the Vet and we had an 8:30 am appointment this morning. I spoke with ILW last night and she told me how to check him for dehydration (he had only drunk about a 1/2 cup of water all day) and reassured me that he was not dehydrated.

Last night Fog also insisted on going to visit Larry the doorman- he knew he wasn't going to eat any cookies that Larry offered him, but he did want to go to see him. It was so touching, because Larry offered him a cookie and Fog accepted it, but then dropped it at his feet. and looked at Larry smiling, like he was saying, "Thanks, buddy, but I can't eat it right now."

This morning he was up again at 4 am. He drank a little water which made me feel better, but he was walking very slowly and when we went to take the subway Fog went down one flight of stairs and had to rest on the landing. So sad!! Then down the next flight and rest again. It was so upsetting. But he was shaking his tail and smiling like crazy because he loves the subway. He was so brave. More tail waggin at the vets, too, because he loves the vet.

Dr. Shapiro (substitute vet for the Amazing Dr. Z ) was excellent, and said that he suspected that Fog may have a bowel obstruction- he said that his bowels were very tender. He said that he would x ray him, give him an IV to rehydrate him, give antibiotics to fight infection in case the bowel was irritated, and give him something to prevent him from continuing to throw up, in the hopes that he would pass the obstruction on his own.

Dr. Shapiro called at 11 to say that he could see an obstruction on the x ray and he would give Fog 2 hours to see if it moved along. If not, he would expect that it was stuck and would have to be removed. 2 hours later it had only moved a little, an appeared to have a sharp pointy end which the Dr. was concerned might perforate his bowel.. So Fog had his surgery- 4 " incision to remove ..................half of a tennis ball from his colon- Dr. Shapiro said that he was glad that he operated when he did- the bowel was already obstructed and if he had waited another day Fog would have been in serious trouble. I am SO GLAD that I brought him in right away!!

As it is, the patient is resting comfortably, Dr. S. said that he is a very very good boy. He will have to stay in the hospital Sunday on a liquid diet and Monday get soft food- when he has a normal bowel movement he can come home- probably Tuesday morning. Until then, it is AWFULLY QUIET around here, and I am one lonely mommy.

: *** (

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 Subject: Update on Fog in the Hospital -Monday 9/16

Dear Friends,

Thanks to all of you for all the good wishes and support! We have gotten so many cheerful emails and cards- Fog has collected A LOT of get well wishes.

I spoke to Dr. Shapiro at lunchtime today. He said that Fog is doing very well- MUCH better than he anticipated. I was very pleased to hear this. He said that he had Fog out for a walk and that he is a real TIGER now that he is feeling better. (LOL! Dr. Shapiro has never met Fog before, so he doesn't know what a character he is!) I imagined big Fog dragging this kind elderly vet down the street! The Dr. said that Fog had something to eat and drink, and that he was doing very well I asked if he could come home tomorrow, but the Dr. said that he doesn't want to rush anything, but he will see. He wants him to have a normal bowel movement first- that is the criteria for him being released.

So I am happy that he is progressing faster than expected and his healing is going along smoothly- the Big Grey One will be home soon!! I must make Frosty Paws for his homecoming!

Thanks to all,

XO Gail & Fog

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Date: 9/18/02 3:07 PM 

Dear Friends,

I went to pick up Fog from the vet's yesterday- as soon as he saw me there was much skittering around on the tile floor, tail wagging, ears flapping, big grins and so on. He was so wiggly that the tech could barely control him! He has a big nasty looking incision on his belly, from his navel all the way to his willy. It started to leak grape juice colored fluid onto the floor, and the vet tried to take him in the back to bandage him, but Fog wasn't going to leave Mummers under any circumstances, so I went along and he calmed down. He tried to jump onto the exam table , but he wasn't strong enough. Dr. Shapiro said that he was amazed at his personality- that he is quite the energetic character, and was also surprised. (Dr. Shapiro only met Fog on Saturday for the first time) The Dr. bandaged him up, he has a gauze pad with a stocking over his body and a wide belt of vet wrap to prevent him from bothering the incision.

Dr. S showed me Fog's x rays- in the first one, you could see the blockage. The Dr. gave him antibiotics and medicine to stop the vomiting, and waited for him to pass the object. 4 hours later he took another X ray- by then Fog's body cavity had filled with gas. It wasn't until last night when I was in Weim Chat with some of you that I realized what that meant- he was BLOATING! The thing that all of us have nightmares about. Thanks dogs that he was at the vet's office under his care when it happened. The vet operated immediately.

Dr. S said that Fog has been thru quite an ordeal. To see him now you would NEVER know it- it is incredible how resilient he is. He is on Rimadyl (for pain) Cimetadine (to reduce acid in stomach so it can heal) and Baytril (antibiotic to prevent infection, and special canned dog food called ID that is easy to digest. So it looks like a drug store in here! For now, he cannot have ANY other food under any circumstances, so he will have to wait awhile for Frosty Paws and special BARK Treats that Lisa (Duncula) sent after her visit here!

I brought him home on the subway, which he loved, he looked all around and smiled the whole time, and he was very good, and he spent the rest of the day and evening sleeping. He barked a few times, and his bark is weak, his throat is sore from the intubation, so it sounds more like a hoarse "arf" than the usual wall-shaking " WOOF!"

We went out for a 20 minute walk around the neighborhood this morning, and that was enough. About an hour later he wanted to go out again, and we had another little walk up and down the street, and then home. His appetite is good, potty habits are normal, and he smiles broadly when we go out and his tail wags when I talk to him, as usual. Right now he is resting, sleeping on the sofa.

The Grand Total for this frightening episode was $2549.50, plus quite a few new grey hairs for Mummers. But I must say that the medical care was absolutely first rate and I am completely satisfied. Dr. Shapiro was even in the office on Sunday, which was Yom Kippur, the Holiest Day of the Year, to check on Fog. I did not expect that- he could have had a substitute do that. He was so calm and gentle and I felt a great deal of confidence in him from the second I met him. He was not out regular vet- the Amazing Dr. Z is often away in the summer on medical conferences, but he always manages to find the most fantastic vets to cover his patients. We are very, very lucky.

So we will go back to see Dr. Shapiro on Friday, and then again next week on Thursday. But it looks as if all the drama is behind us and that Fog will be back to his old fun loving fence jumping self very soon.

Many thanks to all our friends for all the good wishes!

XO Gail & Fog

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Subject: Mummers is sad :*** ( Fog is back in the hospital 9/19/02

Date: 9/19/02 

Dear Friends,

Our boy Fog is back in the hospital. Last night he started bothering his stitches, . He had a dressing, gauze bandage wrapped around his body over the incision, a tank top on over that, and it wrapped tight with thick band of vet wrap to hold it down. I sprayed the bandage with bitter apple when I saw him licking the bandage. He is so smart that he figured out that he could have some privacy to pull at his bandage if he got into his crate. Unfortunately the bitter apple was no deterrent. I grabbed him by the collar to pull him out of the crate, but he is too heavy and strong, so I ran into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator and THAT distracted him and made him come out of his crate. This was at 9:30pm.

He had broken one stitch, but he had something red and gooey hanging out of the incision- I thought that it was intestine!! It was bright red and the size of my little finger. There was only a little blood, but I really panicked. Thank dogs I had a friend visiting with me- she held him still so that I could call the vet (Fog saw that I was upset and wanted to follow me around the apartment as I got the phone, vet's phone number. etc.) The Dr. Shapiro called back within minutes and said, "Bring him in NOW" That really scared me.

I called the pet ambulance next, and got the answering service, so I left a message. I tried hard to think of anyone nearby with a car, and remembered my neighbor down the street that owns Fog's friend Skipper. My girlfriends stayed with Fog by the phone while I ran down the street to the neighbor's apartment building. They were already in bed (they have a little girl and a baby) and their car is parked in a garage on the other side of town, so it would take them a half hour minimum to get over there and get the car out. So i ran home and figured I would take the ambulance. I was a full 20 minutes before the ambulance called back. They said it would take them 25-30 minutes to get an ambulance to me. (And cost $150) figure another 15-20 minutes to drive uptown. So I said forget it, I can take him on the subway and get him there in 15 minutes. He was ambulatory and didn't seem to be in any pain or shocky, and my friend came along, so I thought the two of us could carry him if we had to.

I wrapped a towel around him in case we needed to lift him we could use the towel, and we took him on the subway without incident. Of course Fog was SMILING the whole time. He thought the whole business was very exciting.

Dr. Shapiro was waiting for us outside the clinic, and Dr. Long (the Glamorous Lady Vet) was inside with her teeny tiny newborn baby. Dr. Shapiro examined Fog, and said that he had broken one stitch, and that it was a piece of body fat that was hang out of the incision. He said that he would have to replace the stitch, and that Fog was just "too much DOG!" and he wasn't going home until he was well. Dr. S said he didn't trust Fog because he is too active. He sent me and my friend home, saying that he would call this morning. I was sweating but my skin was cold- so I think that I was a little shocky from the experience. As I was leaving Fog was struggling to come with me, and Dr. Shapiro had to lean back on the leash to prevent Fog from getting away.

This morning Dr. S said that Fog had broken the outer stitch and his internal stitches too, He had to open him up again and repair him. Now Fog is in a crate, with an E collar on, and is sedated. Dr. S says is keeping him until Monday at least, and will call me every day.

I'm still terribly upset, but I'm very glad that Dr. S was there for us and I know that staying in the hospital will be the best thing for him and that he will be better soon. I miss my grey boy!!

XO Gail (shaken but not stirred) & Fog

PS.-I asked Dr. S this morning if he had tacked Fog's stomach when he did the first surgery, and he said, no that is a totally different procedure, that Fog was not yet bloating, his intestines were just beginning to fill with gas.

 XO Gail & Fog

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Subject: Fog not doing so well 9/21/02

Date: 9/21/02 

Dr. Shapiro called at lunchtime to say that Fog is experiencing some "drainage." He said that he took a white cell count on him last night and it is slightly elevated. He thinks that it is necessary to anesthetize him, flush out his belly, fill him with antibiotics, and insert a drain in him. He has already increased his antibiotic medicines. I asked Dr. S if this means that he has become septic, and Dr. S sad that this is just the beginning stages of it, which is why he wants to flush him put in the drain. I am so upset about this. I haven't been worried up until now, because even though he had the setback opening his stitches, it seemed an easy enough thing to repair. But now I feel like he is in danger and I am afraid.  Dr. Shapiro said Fog is awake and alert and full of energy.

Dr. Long will be looking in on him tomorrow. Fog knows her and loves her too.

Thanks, everyone for the good thoughts,

XO Gail & Fog  

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