The Bad Grey Dog Club

All are welcome in the Bad Grey Dog Club !!!  Weimaraners are very smart and quick to find mischief unless they are exercised well and given a "job" to do. (A good dog is a tired dog!)  This is a VERY important part of Weim ownership.  As you will see in the following photos, even the most highly trained, obedient Weims have their moments.  We personally know TWO Weims who can open the refrigerator, and the Weims in Fog's foster family were capable of opening the oven and stealing a turkey!! (They figured out that the door to the oven was loose, and by jumping on the floor, the oven door would drop open--no explanation how they got the bird out of the roaster without burning their paws and mouths!)

The photos are also an excellent argument for crate training!!  You are invited to send any photos of your own BGD, and I will add them to the page!!  

A bag of flour makes a WONDERFUL mess!!!  This is Fog's work.

Friends of Fog caught in the act of "Counter Surfing"

"What makes you think that I opened the pillows?"

"I LOVE bein' a Dirt Dog"

The Famous " Night of a Thousand Cups" !!!!  The owners of these Weims innocently went out to dinner- this is what they came home to!!


This is a nose that will get into EVERYTHING!!!

Crushed knitted lace Christmas ornament-Fog's work

Rebel helps with laundry!!  AND wears panties!

Here's a TRIO of BGD's!!!!!  (You can spot the behind of the third culprit in the foreground of the photo- technically, it belongs to a Bad Blue Dog!!!)

Fog did it.........................

Fog busted the VCR & DVD player, just as we were ready to watch "The Aviator"- we had the popcorn popping in the microwave, even!!  The wide mouth smile is enough to push you right over the edge!!

Our friend Harley even won an award for being bad!!  She was featured on as the November 2005 Punk Pet of the Month!!  GO HARLEY!!  Here is how her Mom describes her:


Harley is about 11 months old and she really has a thing for chairs and any stuffed animal that isn't a dog. We have been unable to crate train her so she has run of the living room and kitchen every day while we are at work. She gets very upset (separation anxiety) when we leave, even for a few hours and usually, if not tired or kept busy with a Kong toy, will resort to eating a chair or ripping up a stuffed animal. I have included a picture of what used to be our recliner. :) She did a job on that one. That would be our second chair fatality. And also, I sent you a photo of what Harley things of the Easter Bunny. It took her about 10 seconds to demolish this one! As the holes in my chairs get bigger and deeper I keep thinking, man. . . I LOVE THIS DARN DOG!  Also enclosed, a photo of Harley's "appropriate" Halloween costume.

Hurricane, WV





Stuff Fog has destroyed


One pair Gap sandals-

Edge of hand-woven dhurrie rug

Chewed on handle of Suarez copy of Hermes Kelly handbag (Mom's favorite)

One bottle Deborah Lippman Collection nail polish

One disposable razor

One Revlon lipstick

Sheared beaver coat

Every corrugated cardboard box that comes into the apartment

Gail's black eye


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Stuff Fog has brought me to get my attention

Aline’s fuzzy slippers

Aline’s black boot

Aline’s tall red rubber boot

Fancy pillow from Aline’s room


Yellow apple

Heavy bed pillow


Totes umbrella

Aline’s mail

Aline’s fur hat

Aline’s red boxing gloves

Roll of toilet paper


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Bad Things Fog has Eaten

Tennis Ball 

Tennis Ball

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