Dubious  Awards

Honorable Mention West 55th St. Halloween Costume Contest- 2005- Fog dressed as his hero, Lance Armstrong, and won a whirly rawhide chewy, and one for Leopold also.  Leo was dressed as Cheryl Crowe, but he really hated his costume, so he only made it to the lobby in his costume.  I sent a photo of Fog in his lance costume to the Lance Armstrong Foundation, and they sent us a very nice email!!



Auditioned for Bravo Channel commercial advertising their new show "Showdogs Moms & Dads" 2005

We didn't get selected for the commercial, but we got this T shirt for our friend Shugg the poodle, and a Bravo T shirt for Mummers, and we got to meet the Jack Russell from "Frasier" and the pug that played Frank in "Men in Black". Honorable Mention


2nd Prize Big Apple Spaces Pet Photo Contest, 2003- Fog won a great big basket of goodies from his favorite store,      Spoiled Brats, thanks to all his friends that voted for this photo of him!!!  YAAAA!!  It pays to be popular!!

                                                                                Honorable Mention- West 55th St. Halloween Costume Contest-  2003   pink elephant  

This year Fog was a rare Holy Tibetan pink elephant.  He won a vinyl zippered case shaped like a Milkbone, to store his toothbrush and toothpaste in.  His costume was made of pink fleece over a foam rubber body.  His mask was made by covering a tinfoil mold with paper mache.  After the paper mache dried the foil was removed and the mask was covered inside and out with pink fleece, and decorated with red ball fringe and gold tassels  Fog didn't mind the body suit- he looked very funny bouncing off everything he came near, because of the foam rubber, but he HATED the mask. Here. Fog visits his friends at the New York designer Ralph Rucci's workroom to show off his Halloween costume!! It has become an annual tradition for Fog to visit at Halloween !!

Grand Prize winner  West 55th St Halloween costume contest-   2002   USA astronaut

Fog won a $30 gift certificate to his favorite store, Spoiled Brats!!!  His costume was made from silver lycra spandex, and featured an American flag, a NASA patch, and a Mission Patch on his spacesuit- the placement was authentic to the real astronauts.  Fog also had oxygen tanks made out of 2 liter soda bottles that were duct-taped to his space suit, and his helmet was connected to his tanks with a white dryer hose.  This costume was donated to Fog's Weim friend Shatze, to wear on her therapy visits to hospitals!


Auditioned for pet show on Animal Planet   2002

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